Richard Ashcroft open to working with Noel Gallagher

Last year Noel Gallagher had spoken about a collaboration with Richard Ashcroft, saying “he should make a record with him”.


Now Richard Ashcroft declares to NME he is open to recording an album with Noel.
“You can get as many songwriters in a room as you want for your new talent show contest winner, it’s never gonna sound like a great Noel Gallagher song sung by Liam, it’s never gonna reach ‘Live Forever’, it’s never gonna be [Verve song] ‘Lucky Man’. We know that.”
Asked whether he would work with Gallagher, Ashcroft replied: “It’s a great compliment for Noel to say something like that, and in the future who knows what might happen. I wish things like this would’ve happened years ago.”

Source: NME