Robbie Williams: ‘I want Liam Gallagher to make a really great album’

Robbie Williams has admitted that he wants Liam Gallagher to “make a really great album.”


Former Take That singer reflecting on their time in the 90s said: “Liam was the voice of our generation and the soundtrack to our lives and the music industry needs a Liam.

For competitiveness I don’t think I’ve got anything to worry about [with his solo album]. But if Liam gets the right songs, in 12 months time he could push my competitive nature and I could be pissed off. Right now I just want him to make a really great album. The world misses him and I hope it is brilliant”.

Williams hasn’t seen the band’s new documentary Supersonic but the singer said he would watch it.
He told The Sun: “If it’s on a flight then I will watch it. That was a fucking amazing time. High-octane stuff.
“Where were you while we were getting high? Well I was there – but I pushed it way too far. Things like that show everyone having an ace time but not the hangover. So yeah, I’d watch it on a plane but not if it reminded me of the hangover as I’ve been trying to get sober ever since.”

The singer who battled alcoholism and substance abuse in his younger days, has been clean for many years.

Source: NME