Robbie Williams says he wants to fight “school bully” Liam Gallagher

Robbie Williams has said that he wants to fight “bully” Liam Gallagher, while also showing his admiration for the former Oasis star.

Williams reignited his widely-reported rift with Gallagher earlier this month, telling him to “buy yourself a pair of bollocks” after the ‘Wall Of Glass’ singer said he had “big fuck off fish to fry”.

In an interview with The Sun, Williams has now praised Gallagher for his individuality within the music industry – though he’s not prepared to let bygones be bygones just yet.

“I admire [Gallagher]. He is the voice of a generation, the last of a dying breed, as pop stars are so boring these days,” he said.

“But I still want to fight him. He represents a school bully to me and I would like to take the bully down.”

Williams also spoke of how his relationship with former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow is similar to that of the estranged Gallagher brothers.

“We had a sibling rivalry. We were the original Liam and Noel,” Williams said, explaining that he’s “been obsessed by getting even with people” in his younger years.

Source: NME