Roger Daltrey: “I wish Oasis would just get back together”

Roger Daltrey: “I wish Oasis would just get back together”

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey hopes that Oasis will get back together one day.

In a new joint interview with Rolling Stone between Roger Daltrey and Yungblud, The Who‘ singer brought up Liam Gallagher.

Daltrey was advising Yungblud to “rehydrate yourself when you come off-stage”, adding:

“When temperatures get too hot, you can cook your brain. We did a gig in Paris, and it was 115 degrees in the audience.”

He continued:

Liam Gallagher was there at this gig in a tent in Paris, and dear Liam is standing in the audience in a bloody anorak. He’s the coolest dude, I love him to bits. Have you met him?”

Yungblud replied: “I’ve never. But I love his band. I like his naughtiness. He’s got his bite.”

Daltrey continued about Gallagher: “He’s just got an edge, and I wish [Oasis] would just get back together.”

“Liam, though, has really carved out a niche for himself now, and I love him. I think he’s fabulous. He’s totally honest. He’s not frightened of saying how he feels. Very similar to you. You remind me of him a bit.”

Source: NME

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