Rumors: Oasis gig at Etihad Stadium in 2017?

Rumors: Oasis gig at Etihad Stadium in 2017?

One of Liam Gallagher latest tweets could have a deep meaning that would make happy thousands fans in the world.


The tweet is: “Lots of exciting things happening time to get back in the ring give us a call ROVER LG X”.

The message itself could be nothing, but Music Scene crew menaged to get a “non official scoop (linking back to a very close source of the band)” that Oasis are lining up for five nights at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester in Summer 2017! If confirmed it will be a 300.000 tickets gig!

Three possibilities have been taken in account to explain the younger Gallagher’s tweet:
1. Oasis reunion
2. Liam Gallagher solo album
3. Beady Eye reunion

Of course, the most exciting would be the first option, since Oasis haven’t been heading a gig in 7 years and they could also consider to release a 8th studio album!

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Music Scene