Ryan Adams about a potential collaboration with Noel Gallagher

Ryan Adams about a potential collaboration with Noel Gallagher

Speaking to NME Ryan Adams, asked about the possibility of a collaboration with Noel Gallagher said:


“I mean we have in the past, like a long time ago – we talked about riffs and different things, but there was never any concrete plans or anything. Recently when I played with him I think we were both sort of caught in the Mid-West in a couple of torrential impending thunderstorms and we were playing these outdoor places, so we were basically just trying to play the set before these like gloomy thunderstorms set in. His people that he works with, like his techs and his band, are so cool and he’s always so nice and happy to talk about like guitars. Our last conversation was about this really cool Rickenbacker 12 string I got last time that I was in London. It’s this really rare red that has this black binding on it, and he’s like ‘what the hell is that guitar? I haven’t seen that guitar?’ And I remember thinking like: ‘How the hell has he seen that because we sound checked earlier and he wasn’t around?’ So he must have been like looking from someplace to see what guitars I was playing and we were sort of both gee king out on the Jazzmaster I had.”

Earlier this week Ryan Adams, who recently compared Oasis to Star Wars and revealed that Supersonic would be his choice for ‘Best Music Film’, announced his upcoming 16th album ‘Prisoner’ with the new single ‘Do You Still Love Me’.

About the chance to work with the former Oasis chief, he concluded NME interview saying: “We just sort of talked about guitars and have a guitar geek out when I talked to him and…There’s one part of me that feels like he’s guy I’ve just known for a long amount of time, you know. Like I don’t go to his house for a Christmas party or anything but he’s someone that when I see him like we might talk about like a guitar that we picked up and its all totally pleasant. Then there’s this other part of me that’s like: ‘I’m talking to fucking Noel Gallagher right now! Holy shit dude!’ And you know that’s the part that luckily stays shut off during the conversation and afterwards I’m like: “Fuck! I can’t believe that!”

Source: NME