Ryan Adams on the ‘genius’ of Oasis: ‘They’re like Star Wars’

Ryan Adams on the ‘genius’ of Oasis: ‘They’re like Star Wars’

Ryan Adams has spoken out in praise of Oasis – calling on fans to vote for the movie Supersonic at the V05 NME Awards 2017, and comparing the band to Star Wars.


Earlier this week, Adams announced his upcoming 16th album with the new single ‘Do You Still Love Me’. Looking forward to the year ahead, we asked who he’d nominate for the VO5 NME Awards 2017, when he revealed that Supersonic would be his choice for ‘Best Music Film’.

“I walked into the theatre and I was bummed out,” Adams told NME. “I watched Supersonic, and I felt reinvigorated in a way I had not felt for so long. In fact I walked into rehearsals and we did something like six or seven hours straight of songs, where I just threw every single song I had ever written at the band to just see how many they could play until they were stumped. I was just so pumped. “It’s nice to see how crucial this shit is on film. It should be no secret that being in a rock n’ roll band is fucking amazing and transformative. I thought the director did such a good job, because he made it fun to watch and kept a lot of the stuff out that mind have slowed it down.”

He added: “Oasis are like Star Wars – they’re like the fucking heroes returning. I mean, if you think about it, like Noel Gallagher is fucking Han Solo – he doesn’t give  a shit what you think about him, he’s gonna take the Millennium Falcon, which is his band, and just completely dupe the entire Empire. It really is so important that people know that fucking electric guitars can transform your whole entire spectrum of reality.”

Source: NME