Seven reasons why Liam Gallagher will be better than The Killers at Glastonbury 2019

Seven reasons why Liam Gallagher will be better than The Killers at Glastonbury 2019

The Killers will top the bill at Glastonbury 2019 on Saturday, with Liam Gallagher on before them on the festival’s main Pyramid Stage.

Arguably, though, Liam’s gig will be a more memorable moment when we look back on this year’s Glastonbury.

Here’s why:

1 – Liam Gallagher will bring the controversy

We all know Liam Gallagher does not shy away from being controversial.

The star is always putting his stream of consciousness thoughts straight onto Twitter – of course always with the signoff #asyouwere.

He’s bound to say something which will raise eyebrows during his Pyramid Stage slot.

2 – The Killers have had their Glastonbury moments

This reporter was at the John Peel Stage when The Killers wowed the crowds with a secret set in 2017.

The tent was so packed that organisers had to tell people to stop trying to get in.

It was a fabulous moment, from a great band. No doubt about it.

But that felt like a fitting line drawn under their Glastonbury appearances.

The band even quipped themselves at the time that you play Glastonbury once on the way up, and once on the way down. 

The Killers still have much to give but they should make way for fresh headliners now – they’ve already topped the Glastonbury bill once. 

We know that was beset with technical issues but the John Peel secret set was a nice send off. 

And their vocals at that gig were not what they once were.

Stormzy is proof of what can happen when you give younger acts a chance.

3 – Liam Gallagher is forging a new and – whisper it – decent solo career 

Sometimes Noel Gallagher and his ‘High Flying Birds’ get more praise than brother Liam for post-Oasis material.

But Liam’s produced some top tracks in the past couple of years.

He angered fans at the Other Stage at Glasto in 2017 by refusing to play as much Oasis as they wanted.

But in songs like ‘Bold’, ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Wall of Glass’ and new single, ‘Shockwave’, he has plenty of catchy and impressive solo stuff to introduce us to.

Source: Somerset Live

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