‘Should never have split up’: Liam Gallagher reveals truth about infamous Oasis fight

‘Should never have split up’: Liam Gallagher reveals truth about infamous Oasis fight

NEARLY a decade on from one of the biggest bust-ups in rock ‘n’ roll history, former Oasis star Liam Gallagher has revealed in a new interview that he’d love to get the band back together. 

“We should never have split up — that’s the only thing,” he admitted to Nova’s Summer Breakfast Show hosts Greg Burns, Matt de Groot and Katie Hill.

In 2009, Oasis — one of the most influential bands in the world — abruptly called it quits with just two shows left to go on their tour following an explosive fight between Liam and his brother, Noel Gallagher, backstage at the Rock en Seine festival near Paris.

Details on what actually caused the fight have remained murky but since then, the siblings haven’t shied away from public slanging matches — just last year, Liam branded Noel a “sad f**k” on Twitter for failing to perform at Ariana Grande’s benefit concert.

When grilled by the Nova hosts, Liam was vague on what caused the fight, but hinted that his brother had overreacted.

“He was going on like I’d killed his cat or something … we’d had worst arguments, you know what I mean? I think he just wanted out.”

Oasis fans went wild in December after Liam tweeted a sweet Christmas message to his brother, with the star later confirming that the pair had finally buried the hatchet.

It even sparked talk the band could be headed for a comeback — and while Liam’s clearly keen, he has foreshadowed a hefty roadblock.

“I’d love it mate … but I don’t think [Noel]’s got it in him,” he explained during the interview, adding that his brother seemed to prefer a quieter life now.

“I don’t think he’s got any rock and roll in him anymore, and that’s not me digging … I think that’s the reason he didn’t want to get the band back, he likes to roll his sleeves up, get a shirt on, play an acoustic set.”