Teenager injured in Manchester bomb meets Liam Gallagher

Teenager injured in Manchester bomb meets Liam Gallagher

A 15-year-old teenager injured in the Manchester attack has met his music idol Liam Gallagher. Adam Lawler went to the Ariana Grande concert with his friend Olivia Campbell-Hardy who was also 15. She died in the attack and Adam was seriously injured. 

Adam met Liam Gallagher at Leeds festival – his first time at at a gig since the attack. They chatted about his lost school friend Olivia Campbell-Hardy who died in the attack.

Adam sustained serious injuries including shrapnel wounds and fractured legs. He is going back to Tottington High School as deputy head boy in September after astounding doctors with an amazing recovery.

‘Her loss feels like a loss of a part of me. Maybe it’s the loss of my innocence, maybe it’s the loss of something deep down that I didn’t know was there. It’s just that I’ve lost something dearly. Not just a friend, but I’ve lost part of me as well. She brought joy to people. And I think that’s what I want her to be remembered for. Not how she died. How she lived.’

Source: ITV.com