The Blossoms think Liam Gallagher should win a Brit Award every year

The Blossoms revealed that they’re huge fans of the former Oasis frontman and that they’d probably “lick his face” if they met him.

The Blossoms think that Liam Gallagher should win a Brit Award every year just because “He’s Liam Gallagher”.

The Charlemagne five-piece attended the 2017 Brit Awards ceremony at London’s O2 Arena on Wednesday night, because they were nominated as British Breakthrough Act.

The frontman Tom Ogden said: “Liam Gallagher should win an award every year, just for being Liam Gallagher. From what I’ve heard, his solo album sounds exciting”.

The Blossom’s drummer Joe Donovan is a big Oasis’ fan too, and he confessed that he thinks he would “lick his face” if he’d ever meet Liam Gallagher.
He added: “We’re big fans of the Gallaghers and Oasis, so anything they do is gonna be dead exciting. I just hope I don’t bump into him at one of these things because I’m a full-on fan boy and I’d just lick his face”.

Source: RadioX