The Killers’ Brandon Flowers says he became a “shit-talker” because of Oasis

The Killers’ Brandon Flowers says he became a “shit-talker” because of Oasis

The Killers‘ frontman Brandon Flowers has discussed how Oasis inspired him to become a “shit-talker” in the early days of the band.

Brandon Flowers, Liam Gallagher

Flowers was in a discussion with Phoebe Bridgers for Interview Magazine, which discussed the pair’s time in lockdown and more.

“I used to be—what would the word be—I was just kind of a shit,” Flowers revealed during the conversation. “When we first started, I used to trash talk a lot of people.”

Later in the chat, Bridgers asked: “When you say you used to talk a lot of shit, what does that mean? Did you talk about other bands?”

Flowers responded: “Oh, I talked about other bands. I grew up idolising Oasis, and they wrote great songs, but they were also just big shit-talkers. For some reason, I thought to gain respect that was part of the territory.

“And that’s not who I am at all, but there were a few people I ended up calling and apologising to later on. Then there are still people that I said things about, and I still carry it with me. I still need to apologise to them. I did it to John Mayer.”

Expanding on the story of him apologising to Mayer, Flowers said: “I was at a restaurant in L.A., and he comes and sits at a table right near us, and you just feel so bad. I walked up to the table, and he was in the middle of a circle. It wasn’t a square table—he was in between people, so I couldn’t just talk to him.

“I just addressed the whole table, and I was like, ‘I said this about John, and I regret it man, and I’m sorry.’ He was really gracious about it. The world doesn’t need more negativity.”

Source: NME