There could be an Oasis reunion…but just for 10 million quid!

Officially on holiday, Noel Gallagher spent a night with his wife Sara and some friends at London’s Chiltern Firehouse.


Outside the restaurant, the musician seemed to bemuse his wife saying:

“If someone offered me 10million quid for one gig, I’d do that. For one night. After tax, that’s £5million. You know we’ve never had one serious offer. If there’s any promoters want to put 10 million quid on the table, I’m there. I’d play anywhere.”

Recently he joined Talksport Radio and he confessed “I miss just being a guitarist. Me and Gem used to have a proper laugh on tour because neither of us sang, we used to be up singing until 4 in the dressing room. Now the party wings are clipped.”

Source: Mirror