Tom DeLonge (ex Blink182) : “Liam Gallagher is the most punk rock dude ever”

In a preview of the latest episode of ‘The Pursuit Of Tone’, a series of documentaries about musicians, DeLonge discusses his views on punk and some of his memories of being in Blink-182.


In it, he recalls when the trio performed at a radio show on the same day as Oasis. “I remember sitting backstage and I’ve got my sideways hat on and nose piercings and crazy shit. Here the doors open up and in come these guys in trench coats and Beatles haircuts. My first reaction is ‘fuck, they look pretty fucking cool, but they’re not punk rockers, but whatever’.”

He continued with an anecdote about Gallagher coming into their dressing room after the show and asking if they were Blink-182. “He goes ‘you’re the best I’ve seen in America’. I go ‘you like us!’ and he goes ‘I didn’t say that, but you’re the best I’ve seen in America’ and he slammed the door.”

“I looked at everyone else and I went ‘oh my god, that’s the most punk rock dude I’ve ever met in my life’. I became the biggest Oasis fan after that where from that day forward I stopped listening to punk rock music and started listening to everything.”