Trainspotting team working on new movie about Creation Records

Trainspotting team working on new movie about Creation Records

It’s time for film nerds and music nerds to rejoice together, especially those from England.

A new biopic about Creation Records, the cult-favorite British record label, is in the works. Nick Moran (Telstar: The Story of Joe Meek, The Kid) is the director, Danny Boyle will executive produce, and Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh are the screenwriters, according to Deadline. The film is aptly called Creation Stories.

The film is based on a memoir by Alan McGee, the founder of Creation Records, titled The Creation Records Story: Riots, Raves, and Running a Label. McGee will be played by Ewen Bremner, best known as Spud in Trainspotting. Alongside him will be Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding), Suki Waterhouse (Assassination Nation), and Jason Fleming (Snatch). Filming will start in London in late May.

This means Creation Stories will see a miniature Trainspotting reunion, as Boyle directed the adaptation of Welsh’s novel for that film and Bremner starred in a leading role.

“I’ve been lucky to work with both Danny and Nick over the years,” said Welsh. “To have the two of them together on this project, along with Ewen, feels like a lottery win.”

“Working as a team with Danny on this film is a dream,” added Moran. “He is a visionary, the most important British film-maker since Tony Richardson, rightly regarded as one of the best directors in the world today and one of the most successful. He is also the kindest and most open of people and a cornucopia practical knowledge and wisdom. One of the nicest people you could ever meet. The last time him and Irvine worked together they changed the world of cinema. Who wouldn’t be excited to be part of that team?”

“It’s like ‘Trainspotting does Creation’, if you can get into that concept,” McGee told NME. “There’s one scene where there are two Sony executives fucking each other up the arse and I’m there watching. I think it’s going to be quite funny.”

McGee founded Creation Records in 1983 alongside Dick Green and Joe Foster. Over the next 16 years, the independent label released countless influential records from bands like Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Guided by Voices, Ride, Bob Mould, Super Furry Animals, Teenage Fanclub, The Cramps, Swervedriver, and dozens more. Come 1999, they decided to close the label after suffering from burnout and general industry disillusionment.

Two films have been made about Creation previously. Documentary TV series Omnibus released an episode titled Alan McGee: The Man Who Discovered Oasis in 1998 for BBC One. Document Productions released a film called Upside Down: The Creation Records Story in 2010.