Twitter erupts after Liam Gallagher’s ‘mighty Richard Ashcroft’ tweet ahead of Ireland visit

Rock ‘n’ roll star Liam Gallagher has been getting stick on social media after saying he was delighted to be coming to Ireland to do gigs with the “mighty RA”.

The ex-Oasis singer was referring to former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft, who is providing the support act when he performs in Dublin and Belfast in June.

However, some Twitter users accused Gallagher of trying to wind people up by using the phrase ‘RA’, which can also refer to the IRA.

He wrote: “Absolutely buzzing to do these gigs in Ireland with the mighty RA, as you were, LG.”

This led to an immediate challenge from a fan, who said: “Dodgy two letters to use there my man.”

A mischievous Gallagher replied: “It is, if you think I’m a ****.”

The star was then bombarded with hundreds of comments poking fun at his ‘RA’ reference.

One Twitter user wrote: “Hope ya learned all the words of Boys of the Old Brigade Liam.”

He also revealed if he could perform one song with Ashcroft it would be Cast No Shadow from the Oasis back catalogue.  While his favourite Verve song was Blue.

Gallagher, whose mother Peggy is from Co Mayo, has previously talked of his love for audiences on both sides of the border. He once described concerts in Belfast and Dublin as “feeling like playing at home”.

Gallagher’s gigs in Dublin and Belfast take place at Malahide Castle and Ormeau Park on June 15 and 16.


Source:  Belfast Telegraph