Wait… Did Liam Gallagher just tell us all he’s made up with Noel?

Wait… Did Liam Gallagher just tell us all he’s made up with Noel?

As most of you will probably have gathered by now, Noel and Liam Gallagher don’t always see eye to eye. With many Oasis fans still clinging to hope that the brothers will one day settle their differences (if only for a few reunion gigs), there hasn’t been much in 2017 to suggest that this is on the cards any time soon.

Liam made his feelings known about Noel’s decision not to perform at One Love Manchester, a benefit concert for those affected by the bombing of the Manchester Arena in May. Since then, Liam has said and tweeted enough to suggest that the pair aren’t on the best of terms.

But, with the year drawing to a close and Christmas less than a week away, a tweet from Liam appeared to suggest that actually, there’s not as much animosity between the brothers as it might sometimes appear…

A tweet from Liam, posted on Tuesday evening, appeared to suggest that the pair were set to meet on Wednesday (unless it was a typo or he’d just been hacked).

‘I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG,’ the tweet read. ‘It’s been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you tomorrow’.

With many interpreting the tweet as a sign that the pair were set for a pre-Christmas get-together, Liam then replied to a tweet from one of his followers – appearing to suggest that things were very much back on track with the brothers.


Although many were excited by this, plenty more refused to believe it was true…