Watch Liam Gallagher reminisce about the days when he had four people to make tea for him

There was a time when Liam Gallagher didn’t have to make his own cups of tea.

“In the 90’s I got someone else to fucking do it, but now I can’t”, he told to BBC Music Backstage Pass.

In the video here below, you can find him explaining that once upon a time he had several people making his tea.
“In the 90’s I had about four people doing it. Little geezer doing the kettle, our kid, some little **** doing that and some little idiot doing that”.

But now, times are different: “Money’s too tight to mention. Gotta do it yourself, haven’t you? No one buys records these days….These little smartarses download tunes. And they wonder why there’s no real rock’n’roll stars around – cos this is the shit you’ve got us doing, fuckers”.

Anyways, the tea still does the job: “It’s good for the voice so I’m told. It’s fucking good man!”.

Source: NME