Watch Noel Gallagher’s Cinematic ‘If Love Is the Law’ Video

Watch Noel Gallagher’s Cinematic ‘If Love Is the Law’ Video

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have shared their cinematic new video for “If Love Is the Law,” the latest single off the former Oasis guitarist’s 2017 album ‘Who built the moon?’. 

The video – the fifth chapter of the seven-part film Stranded on the Earth, director Mike Bruce told Rolling Stone  – hones in on the end of a young couple’s relationship in the American Southwest; in flashbacks, it’s revealed that the ex-lovers were like a tattooed Bonnie & Clyde, holding up bars and committing crimes before their split.

After spending much of the video sad and lonely – with shots of Gallagher and the High Flying Birds performing the track intercut with the action – the pair reunite at the edge of the Salton Sea before the viewer is hit with “To Be Continued…”

“If Love Is the Law” doubles as both a standalone music video for the track as well as trailer for Stranded on the Earth; the film will feature “a chronological story line about two outlaws who meet and fall in love,” Bruce toldRolling Stone.

“As a whole the videos will eventually be released as a film entitled Stranded On The Earth complete with dialog sequences and live performances,” Bruce added. “The concept came from a series of discussions I had with Noel over the course of a couple months leading up to the release of Who Built The Moon?. When Noel sent me his new album I knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something we’re not used to seeing in a music video format.”

Source: RollingStone