WATCH: Why Liam Gallagher never soundchecks

WATCH: Why Liam Gallagher never soundchecks

Liam Gallagher is used to doing things his own way, so it may not surprise you to know he doesn’t ‘do’ soundchecks. 

Quizzed by Shane Meadows in a recent video clip about why he doesn’t check the sound of his vocals alongside his band before a gig, the rocker replied: “No, ’cause I fucking blow my voice”.

Watch it here:

He added: “If I got up there I get a bit carried away, you know what I mean. I can’t go half hearted”.

The behind the scenes video for his Come Back To Me single also sees Liam greeting queuing fans and school children and hanging out outside Glasgow’s famous King Tut’s venue with his band.