With his new solo album, Noel Gallagher plans on winning an Oscar himself

Earlier this week Noel Gallagher revealed the name of the new album’s producer.


Now, Noel fancies getting his music on a movie soundtrack, and is hoping that it’ll be good enough for him to bag himself a golden statue.

Noel’s collaborating with David Holmes on his next solo venture, who happens to have produced the soundtrack to Ocean’s Eleven, and is hoping David’s input will help him achieve the dream.
A source told the Daily Star: ‘With David’s influence, getting the music on to a film soundtrack stands a very good chance.’

Noel had recently admitted to wanting to add to his trophy cabinet when he said: ‘It would be nice to have album in the United States. I had two albums that got to number two. It would be nice if I was nominated for a Grammy and won one, or write a song for a film that would win me an Oscar.’

He also revealed that whatever he and David have planned, it’s so far turning out to be pretty good.
He said: ‘I’m working with a producer in a way I’ve never worked before which is writing in the studio and my producer’s suggesting jumping off points.
‘The end results are pretty good at the moment.’

Source: Metro