Bonehead and Paul Gallagher about the impact the Oasis breakup had on Liam

Bonehead and Paul Gallagher about the impact the Oasis breakup had on Liam

Bonehead and Paul Gallagher have spoken about the psychological impact the Oasis breakup had on Liam Gallagher and how he temporarily went off the rails.

Liam’s new documentary ‘As It Was’ addresses the split.

Paul Gallagher, Liam’s eldest brother said:

“Once Noel decided he was going to go his way, it got difficult. When you’re in a band with your brother for 20 odd years and then he decides he doesn’t want to be in a band with you anymore, it’s very public and it plays out in front of the world’s media. I think that hurt Liam. I could tell he was upset. When Noel started his career, he was slating Liam everyday. That isn’t a brotherly thing to do anyway.”

Bonehead then recalled a night where Liam seemed in a concerning state of distress:

“There was one particular night where I was on Twitter and I could see tweets from Liam, 50 in one night. Rambling at the world. They were very angry, sad and lost. I texted him ‘Are you alright?’ And he was like ‘fucking this’ and ‘fucking that’ I said do yourself a favour, put your phone down and stop tweeting, it ain’t nice to see. You’re giving the world ammunition to dig at you. It was awful. That wasn’t the Liam I know. It was almost like a cry for help.”

Paul added:

“He texted me at 7am, I was like ‘you’re drunk, go to bed.’ I haven’t heard back for six hours, then the phone goes ‘where are ya? Come to my house now, bring a bottle of jack daniels.’ I get to his house and he says, ‘I need a private jet! Me and you are going somewhere!’”

Paul and Liam went to Palma and arrived at midnight, Bonehead joined them the following day.

Paul explains:

“When the three of us are together we sort it out. Liam needs his blow out, which is what it was.”

Bonehead then described how Liam was when he saw him the next day:

“When I got out there, there was the initial what the fuck’s gone on here? It was Liam’s life at that moment, it was shit. He looked fucked, really tired.” Liam explained the feeling of having no career, “Sometimes when you’re in a band your in a bit of a bubble. Real life is going on but you’re not connected to it. This time the bubble had been burst and I landed into reality and reality was not that good.”

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