Liam Gallagher credits Debbie Gwyther for turning his life around

Liam Gallagher credits Debbie Gwyther for turning his life around

He’s one of rock ’n’ roll’s iconic frontmen whose life has become synonymous with sibling rivalry, drugs and general hellraising antics.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by LaurentVu/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock (4885483r) Liam Gallagher with girlfriend Debbie Gwyther Saint Laurent show, Spring Summer 2016, Paris Men’s Fashion Week, France – 28 Jun 2015

And in brilliant new ­documentary As It Was, Liam Gallagher lays bare his demons and credits girlfriend Debbie Gwyther for turning his life around.

The 46-year-old says: “Debbie was the one. She’s the one like ‘Come on you’ve not killed anyone, let’s get back in the music’.

The film begins with Oasis’s 2009 split, covering his divorce from Nicole Appleton, 44, four years later, and his solo career which led to a No 1 album in 2017.

And for the first time, Debbie, 36, who navigated Liam’s comeback, has opened up about their romance.

She says: “The Liam I know and the Liam in the public eye are totally different. He does drink too much from time to time, he’s impulsive, and he swears a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be soft at the same time.

“He has a lot of onus on family. The way he is with me, the way he is with my family, his kids and his mum is the reason that I love him.”

But Debbie admits she wasn’t an Oasis fan and has to Google their songs. “I’ve always been aware of Oasis and of Liam. But I never paid much attention to them.

“Even now I sometimes feel guilty when Liam talks about songs he is performing. I have to Google them to see which ones they are.”

Talking about his hiatus from music after Beady Eye split in 2014, she adds: “I knew he would never be happy unless he was singing.

“I am most proud of him for when he wanted to throw the towel in, he never stopped.”

Fans, including One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, piled in to watch Liam introduce As It Was at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Afterwards, Liam performed tracks from second album, Why Me? Why Not, including new single, Shockwave. And he said he’s “still not getting suckered in by d**kheads”.

He added: “All the people for the last 10 years going ‘He’s f****** going to be dead now’. I don’t think it’s going to happen, lads.”

Source: Mirror