Bonehead talks about the “tough year” battling tonsil cancer

Bonehead talks about the “tough year” battling tonsil cancer

During the special Radio X show, Bonehead opened up about his battle with tonsil cancer in 2022.

The Mancunian musician was diagnosed with a tonsil cancer last year, and it also forced him to quit some gigs with his mate Liam Gallagher.

When asked about his own battle he admitted that it was a “tough, tough year”.

Last September Bonehead confirmed he was was cancer-free and asked by Radio X’s Toby Tarrant how he’s feeling now he said: “Yeah I got the all clear, I finished treatment.”

I was diagnosed last year sort of March with tonsil cancer, so it was tough, a tough year to say the least, but finished treatment on June 24th, three months after that I got the all-clear.

“I’m under the care of the Christie Hospital, which is the cancer hospital up in Manchester. For the next five years I’m under their care, which is the best care.”

Bonehead also revealed that though he’s “98% back to fitness” there are some things that he’ll never get back, but he’s grateful to be alive.

“I’m being looked after,” he added. “I’m being monitored, it has gone, and I’m getting back, I’m about 98% back to fitness. There’s a few things that I’ll never get back to normal, but you know so what? There’s things that you can live with. It was a tough tough year.”

Source: Radio X

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