Bonehead’s thought about an Oasis reunion: “Wouldn’t it be worth it for the younger fans?”

Bonehead’s thought about an Oasis reunion: “Wouldn’t it be worth it for the younger fans?”

During the special Bonehead’s Bank Holiday show on Radio X, the Mancunian guitarist talked about an Oasis reunion.

Bonehead was hosting a Radio X Coronation Weekend special on Monday 8th May, and for the occasion he was asked about an Oasis reunion.

Never say never, I would say. Realistically? I don’t know. Liam’s got his solo career. As has Noel. I don’t know, you’re asking the wrong person. But I’d love to see it.

Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album Definitely Maybe and there’s a whole generation of fans that were too young to see the group play live before the split in 2009.

“Some days you wake up and think Nah, there’s no need for it. It’s been done. But when I’m on stage with Liam Gallagher as a solo artist, and I come out and we play Rock ‘N’ Roll Star and the place erupts. People are bouncing higher and harder than they did at some of the gigs back in the day.”

I look at that first ten rows when I’m playing an arena with Liam, and they’re like 16 or 17 years of age. These people weren’t even born until well into Oasis‘ career.

“So if there was a reunion, wouldn’t it be worth it for them? To come and witness that band? In that sense it would be worth just one gig next year for those kids at the front, who are jumping and bouncing at Liam’s gigs?”

He joked: “You hear that Liam? You hear that Noel?”

When asked if he would join an Oasis reunion, Bonehead claimed:

“See that bag under there? Plectrums in there. I’m ready, got me dancing shoes.”

“People have said to me, would you do it? But, then again shouldn’t Gem do it? Gem was actually in Oasis longer than I was. Who should do it? It could cause wars.”

Source: Radio X

Photo: Jill Furmanovsky