Bookies share odds on Oasis reunion after Liam Gallagher tweet

Bookmakers have shared new odds on the chances of an Oasis reunion taking place.

Following a tweet made by the former Oasis frontman, Paddy Power have rated the chances of a reunion happening this month at a lengthy 50/1, while giving odds of 10/1 for the band to get back together before the end of the year.

The bookies didn’t end there, however, adding that should the band reunite, the odds were 22/1 that they would headline the next Glastonbury festival and 12/1 that they would split up again with in the year.

A spokesman at Paddy Power said: “We all know how volatile Noel and Liam’s relationship is, so any reunion is bound to end in tears. Let’s just hope we get a few good songs out of it first.

“With LG tweeting that an Oasis reunion would definitely happen, ‘Some Might Say’ the band is on the verge of getting back together, but sadly, we’re not convinced.”

Source: RadioX