DMA’S think Oasis should “play some gigs” together

DMA’S think Oasis should “play some gigs” together

DMA‘S were asked for their thoughts about Oasis reunion replying that they should “play some gigs” together.

Speaking with Dan O’Connell at Radio X HQ, the Auisse they were asked about the rumors around an ipotetic Oasis reunion.

Frontman Tommy O’Dell said:

Well I have no idea what they’re gonna do, but they should definitely play some gigs for sure, but who knows? Who knows if they’ll do it?

Guitarist and Johnny Took added:

Yeah man, I tell you what. I went to Knebworth and Liam killed it. It was amazing. And I know it’s not exactly like it’s not Noel up there as well, but kudos to him. He put on an amazing show.

Source: Radio X

Photo: Getty