Ed Sheeran: ‘Noel Gallagher doesn’t like my music, but I get on with him as a person’

Ed Sheeran has said that he gets along with Noel Gallagher, despite the former Oasis star not liking his music.

Gallagher and Sheeran have been very public about each other in the past. In 2013, Gallagher claimed that “all the middle class bands” like Sheeran and Mumford & Sons had “wriggled out” of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs he had been curating. Sheeran later explained that he had been forced to pull out of his charity show because it coincided with his Australian tour.

Then in 2015, Noel said that he couldn’t “live in a world where Ed Sheeran is headlining Wembley”, leading Sheeran to reply: “I can live in it, it’s really enjoyable”. However, Gallagher later changed his tune, calling Sheeran a “dude” and saying that he wouldn’t “hear a word said against him”.

Speaking to The Guardian recently, Sheeran said: “I know Noel Gallagher doesn’t like my music, but I get on with him as a person, so why does it fucking matter?”

He also stated that he no longer cares what critics think: “I was self-conscious about it on my first album, because I’d never had any success, I’d never sold any records, never sold a ticket, and I was terrified that it would be over in an instant. The album got panned by the critics and I was like: ‘Fuck, this is it.’ But now I’m at a point where, even if I get a one-star review for every album I release for the rest of my life, I’ll still be able to play music.”

Sheeran did, however, also say: “Do I sound like a cunt? I try to be as honest as possible, because I think the moment you’re media-trained and hold back things, you become one of them, but it’s getting harder because… every time I give an interview, there’s three news stories about what I’ve said in it the next day.”

Source: NME