Noel Gallagher Hates All The Oasis Music Videos

In 2010, Oasis released the Time Flies: 1994-2009 compilation, which spans the band’s entire career.

Noel Gallagher provided commentary on the music video DVD, and recently, a YouTube user compiled a video (above) of some of the better bits from that commentary.

The 10 minute clip of audio highlights features Noel’s views on directors, video girls, and working hours.
So, here is a collection of entirely profane Noel Gallagher quotes:
⁃ “I fucking hate videos. I hate everything about them. I hate the fact that they cost a fortune, I hate the fact that you’ve gotta be there at eight in the morning, I hate the fact that you don’t leave until eight the fucking next morning, I don’t like the fact the people who’re making them think they’re fucking making Apocalypse Now.“
⁃ “A guy actually said to me on this video shoot, ‘Can we do that bit again, but can you do it with a bit more energy in your eyes?’ I still have no idea what he meant by that to this day. I don’t know, ‘Do you want me fucking to stare at you like a fucking serial killer?’”
– “Is that a man with legs made of sausages? That’s not real. Someone’s having a fucking laugh. I know for a fact that’s got nothing to do with this song. A man with legs made of sausages? Fucking hell.”