Incoming the remaster of “Be Here Now”

It could be near the release of Oasis third studio album “Be here now”.

On the site appeared a link dedicated to “Be here now”.

Be Here Now was released in the UK on 21 August 1997. The release date had been brought forward out of Ignition’s fear that import copies of the album from the United States would arrive in Britain before that country’s designated street date. Worrying that TV news cameras would interview queuing fans at a traditional midnight opening session, Ignition forced retailers to sign contracts pledging not to sell the record earlier than 8:00am.However, when the album did go on sale, the cameras showed up regardless, just in time to record the initially slow trade. It was not until lunch time that sales picked up. By the end of the first day of release, Be Here Now sold over 424,000 units and by the end of business on Saturday of that week sales had reached 696,000, making it, at the time, the fastest-selling album in British history. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts in the United States, but its first week sales of 152,000—below expected sales of 400,000 copies—were considered a disappointment.