Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno: “Liam Gallagher saved my life”

Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno: “Liam Gallagher saved my life”

Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has said that Liam Gallagher “saved his life”, mentioning him as one of the “all-time greats”.

Speaking to Q Magazine, Pizzorno said that Liam “has a place in my heart” – and described how he fell in love with him during his teenage years.

“He saved my life,” he continued. “This path that I’ve walked – if I’d not have seen him get up on stage and do his thing, I wouldn’t have walked it. I’m always going to be fascinated by what he does because he has a place in my heart.”

“I was 14, 15, and I remember when they did Maine Road he wore an Umbro tracksuit. An Umbro tracksuit on anyone is a sports tracksuit, but he managed to make it look like the most desirable item of clothing. He managed to make it look like Gucci or something, and I bought one and wore it to school.”

Serge also described how Liam had been integral in supporting Kasabian during the ‘early days’ of their career:

“I will never forget that in the early days he picked us out and said he was a fan. You can’t imagine what that was like for some kids from Leicester, from nowhere, for him to give us the nod. I will never forget that.”

Describing his relationship with Liam, he added:

“He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. His sense of humour – if you spend time with him it’s such a buzz, he’s just so funny.”

Source: NME