Liam Gallagher: “I don’t mind Damon Albarn, but he’s a boring f**ker”

Liam Gallagher has said that Damon Albarn is a ‘boring fucker’, but he’s also stated that he wants to keep the peace.

During an interview with Q Magazine, Liam said that he would never slap the Blur singer – despite previously threatening ‘war’ between the two.

“Nah, we’re all grown up, man. I don’t mind Damon. He’s alright. I think he’s very talented. I mean he’s a boring fucker and that. But then I would be an’all, hanging around with Noel. He’s looking like he’s stalking Damon. Damon’s probably sitting there thinking, ‘How the fuck have I got into this Gallagher world again?'”.

He also said that his brother Noel is a ‘stalker boy’, after his collaboration with Damon on Gorillaz song ‘We Got The Power’: “He’s got fucking Stalker Boy stalking him, begging him to sing on his tunes and then me in the background going, ‘You fucking c**ts’. I feel bad for Damon, to be brutally honest. Stuck in the middle.”

Damon previously predicted that Liam wouldn’t take too kindly to his work with Noel – and suggested that he would have “a fantastic one liner about what a bunch of fucking knobheads we are.”

Source: NME