Kehlani says Noel Gallagher can “kiss my ass”

Kehlani says Noel Gallagher can “kiss my ass”

Kehlani reacted to Noel Gallagher after his recent comments regarding authenticity in music.

During an interview about her new album, the R&B artist spent some words about Noel.

In fact the older Gallagher criticized those musician like Harry Styles who came out from reality Tv like X Factor.

Kehlany said with no filter what she thinks about Noel Gallagher:

“That person – whoever that is – can kiss my ass,”

“They might as well call me inauthentic and I’m about as authentic as it gets.”

She also continued affirming that she’s a fan of Harry Styles giving her opinion about him:

“He worked his ass off to make people fall in love with him on national TV and be lumped in with a group of boys and still had to stand out from an entire group of people. That’s as authentic as it gets!”

“I’m a Harry Styles fan, clearly, but watching the transformation that he’s taken to find his own songs and his own voice, own persona, own fluidity and image – I think he’s been brave and epic. He’s fucking tight.”

Source: NME

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