Noel Gallagher talks about a stalker who followed him around Europe

Noel Gallagher talks about a stalker who followed him around Europe

During an interview for the Matt Morgan podcast, Noel Gallagher revealed some shocking details about a female stalker.

The Mancunian guitarist said that there’s a female stalker who follows him during European tours.

“I was signing things for fans after a gig and I spoke to her and then I noticed her at the next gig and then the gig after that and she started trying to get backstage,”

“Once I was in Belgium and I had to get the police involved.”

“This stalker has been at every gig and she goes to the front and she does all these suggestive hand movements, it’s weird, this ‘come to me’ sex stuff.”

“I get back to the hotel and there’s this knock on the door and it’s this girl, I recognise her by looking through the little peep hole, as she keeps knocking she’s getting more irate.”

“So I text my security guard. I hear my security come and there’s an altercation outside.”

“They’re fighting and I’m sitting on the end of the bed with a little tub of Pringles eating while she gets carted off by the hotel security and then the police come to the hotel.”

His security guard stayed all night outside his hotel room, but the morning after the stalke was still around.

“In the morning I was having a laugh with my guard going ‘What was all that about?’.

“He said, ‘She’s in the cafe across the street.’ She was sat in the window doing the same suggestive hand movements.”

Source: Mirror

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