Liam and Noel Gallagher can’t Acquiesce

Liam and Noel Gallagher can’t Acquiesce

Liam Gallagher’s relationship with his brother Noel is ”terrible” and the worst it’s ever been.

They have barely spoken since Noel walked out on Oasis in August 2009.

Following an escalation of their war of words in 2017, Liam admits relations between him and Noel are at an all-time low but he’s still hopeful they will make it up one day.

In an interview with Jo Whiley before his BBC Radio 2 In Concert show earlier this week, Liam said: ”It’s terrible, but we will get there in the end at some point man.”

When Jo asked: ”Do you think you will?” He replied: ”Yeah. I hope so.”

Liam says that Noel isn’t showing any signs of reconciling with him just yet, and that he’s too busy enjoying his latest musical experiment: ”No, no, no. But he’s got a scissor player now so he’s happy, isn’t he? He’s getting his scissors off. Come to my gig I’ve got someone sharpening a pencil, it’s right out there.”

Their feud has been intensified this year with Liam repeatedly logging on to his Twitter account to insult his ”beige potato” brother, whilst he has also publicly attacked him for his response to the terrorist attack that occurred outside the Manchester Arena at an Ariana Grande concert in May, which claimed the lives of 22 people in their hometown.

Noel admitted people have expected him to fire back ”all guns blazing” but he refuses to sink to Liam’s level and he knows if he ignores him it will only make him more mad.

Noel said recently: ”What you’ve got to understand is that the tweeting is all playing to the gallery. It’s sport. I’ll be in a boozer and someone will say, ‘F***ing hell, our kid’s gone Donald Trump’. But you know, I’m trying to soar like an eagle and I’m being asked to comment on the ramblings of a common pigeon. People want me to come out all guns blazing. I know the game. I know how it works, I invented it. But I couldn’t adequately express my indifference to it … And it’s not going to stop by the way. It’s only going to get worse.”

Source: Contactmusic