Liam Gallagher reveals a fun fact about himself on Gogglebox

Liam Gallagher reveals a fun fact about himself on Gogglebox

On Friday night, Liam Gallagher took part in a special celebrity episode of Gogglebox for the great cause of Stand Up To Cancer.

Having admitted that Gogglebox is one of his favourite shows, Liam sat down with his mother and son to catch up with the past week’s television and, as you might have expected, he stole the show.

He compared David Attenborough to God, he got well stressed out whilst watching University Challenge and he referred to Dame Maggie Smith as “thingy from that thingy.”

It was TV gold but Liam saved the best for one personal confession that even his son, Gene, wasn’t aware of.

After his mum revealed her regular swimming routine, Gallagher admitted that he couldn’t swim and while that might not strike you as too unusual, Twitter got an almighty kick out of the fun fact.

“You’re the only one out of us lot who can swim,” Liam said. “Me, Noel and Paul can’t swim. I can do about half a width. Good for you. Swimming’s good. I’m jealous, man. I wish I could swim. I struggle when it gets deeper and that. That’s when I start flapping around like some mad, crazy salmon. I struggle having a shower!”

Source: Joe.co.uk