Liam Gallagher about Noel on Twitter: “You’re just another prick in the wall”

After the interviews of Noel Gallagher about Oasis reunion, with Gallagher pointing the finger at his brother Liam and his girlfriend Debbie Gwyther, Liam himself reacted on Twitter.

He insulted his brother as well as suggesting that he’s been “gathering his wings” during the time since Beady Eye split in 2014.
LiamΒ then went on to reference the saxophone on Noel’s new album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and label him “another prick in the wall” for Noel supposedly thinking he sounds like Pink Floyd. Liam ended the tirade by reaching out to his brother and state: “Re oasis rumours you know I don’t bum the press never had never will you know where I am if you need me.”

Here you can find the series of tweets:


Source: NME