Noel Gallagher: “I’d write a song with Johnny Marr”

Noel Gallagher: “I’d write a song with Johnny Marr”

In an interview with ‘Q’ on CBC, Noel Gallagher talked about legend and personal friend Johnny Marr how brilliant Marr is and writing a song with former Smiths member.

“I’ve known Johnny Marr for a long time. Johnny was one of the first to acknowledge Oasis. I got to a point on this track and I was trying to do something that needed a guitar thing, very distinctive thing.I tried different things but failed myself sadly and I called Johnny. But he didn’t want to hear the track beforehand. And the first thing he focused in  he nailed. He can make the guitar talk. It’s in G minor it’s a dreadful chord. It’s awful.”


“He’s a special, special guitarist truly. Nobody plays like Johnny Marr. You have the great traditional guitarists like Hendrix, Page etc.But Johnny came up with something else. He plays something that’s very romantic and English almost. He’s got the magic.He’s got the magic.” when asked about collaborating with Marr, Noel said: “I would have a go at a time. I would write a song with Johnny. I’ve only written songs with three people. I don’t have the collaborative gene. I’m too impatient. But yeah I would write a song with Johnny (Marr)”

Source: Kulbritania