Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton ran up more than £800,000 in legal bills

Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton ran up more than £800,000 in legal bills

The Independent reported Liam Gallagher and his ex-wife Nicole Appleton spent over £800,000 in legal bills arguing over how their assets should be divided.


Judge Martin O’Dwyer ruled the assets (around £ 11 million) should be split in half, with Liam and Nicole each getting about £5.5 million. He said the level of spending on legal costs had been “manifestly excessive”.
The Judge’s ruling disclosed that Gallagher would like Oasis to reform but he did not anticipate that would be possible. The Judge said that Gallagher had been a member of the “well-known music group Oasis”. He said: “It was formed in 1991 and discontinued in 2009, it is said after an argument between (Gallagher) and his brother. (Gallagher) says there are no plans to reform and, although he would like to do so, he does not anticipate there is a possibility currently of any such reform. Subsequent to Oasis, (Gallagher) formed another group called Beady Eye but they disbanded in 2014.”
The judge added: “Although he expressly would like to re-enter the music business, currently he says there is no prospect of that.”
Liam had said his “current business ventures” were “within” a fashion company called Pretty Green.
The judge concluded that Gallagher had “downplayed” his prospects of making money from music, but Gallagher could still earn money from touring, the judge suggested and from appearances on celebrity television shows: “He has proved both in his membership of Oasis and in the formation of Beady Eye that there is the potential for him to earn much greater sums,” the judge said. He suggested that Gallagher could increase his income by “celebrity appearances”.

Source: The Independent