Liam Gallagher explains why he’s “Stopped Being A D***head”

Liam Gallagher explains why he’s “Stopped Being A D***head”

Speaking to Triple M Nights podcast, Liam Gallagher reveals why he’s “Stopped Being A D***head”.

Ahead of the release of his next studio album ‘C’mon You Know’, Liam joined a podcast interview by Dave Gleeson.

During the podcast he talked about his reputation as one of the wildest men in music, saying he’s calmed down now he’s a solo superstar.

“Young bands today, you do think you’re curing cancer,”

“When you get a bit older you realise we’re not actually, we’re just here to have a good time, make some decent music and that’s it.”

Speaking about highs and lows of his music career after Oasis he revealed:

“You’ve got no God given right to be in a band, if I’m not careful I could be working in McDonalds, not that there’s anything bad about them jobs but it’s a bit of a fall from being a rock star. I’ve just got to keep making the music and doing the gigs, all the rest of it I’ve done, I’m over it, leave that up to the young kids man.”

“What was really important to me when I was 20 – we’re not doing this, we’re not doing that, we’re not speaking to that lot – it ain’t that important when you’re getting to 50. It was super important back then and I’m glad I stuck to me guns but now you’re thinking you know what man, I’m just gonna chill the f— out and stop being a dickhead.”

Source: TripleM

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