Liam Gallagher forced to cut set and cancel upcoming show after health diagnosis

Liam Gallagher forced to cut set and cancel upcoming show after health diagnosis

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has come forward to explain why he cut his set short at Festival Bureaugard in France and cancel upcoming show.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher was forced to cut his set short at a festival in France on Friday night after falling ill.

The Mancunian songwriter was in the middle of performing a song at Festival Bureaugard when he stopped singing leaving the stage.

Liam took to his Instagram Story on Saturday to apologise to audience members for the set finishing early, explaining that it was a result of a health diagnosis.

On a plain black screen with white text, Liam explained to his 1.5 million Instagram followers that the situation was a result of his doctor’s orders.

“Apologies to everyone who came out to Festival Bureaugard last night, I was so disappointed to have to cut the set short.”

“I have been diagnosed with laryngitis and am on doctors orders to get some rest.”

“Unfortunately that means I also have to cancel my upcoming show in Cognac.”

“I never want to let anyone down am really sorry for any disappointment but I have to put my health first LG x”

The rocker has been prioritising his health of late, with it coming out last month that he insisted that his dressing room would be free of booze to make sure he stayed sober.

Instead of a range of alcohol, Liam opted for tea, honey and bags of Quavers crisps while he played in front of his mum and kids.

A backstage source told the Mirror :

“Liam was on his best behaviour on Friday. He had a police escort back to his house and was munching crisps and drinking tea.”

“He wanted to make sure his mum Peggy was all sorted. She went back to Manchester and then he got in party mode yesterday.”

Source: Mirror

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