Liam Gallagher forgots Noel birthday

Liam Gallagher forgots Noel birthday

Interviewed by Zoe Ball on BBC2 Radio 2, Liam Gallagher was surprised to hear it will be his brother Noel Gallagher‘s birthday next sunday. 

Liam joined Zoe on her breakfast show this morning to speak about his new album ‘C’mon You Know’ and his upcoming live performance at Knebworth.

Things got awkward when the conversation turned to his older brother Noel.

“I have to mention, it’s your brother Noel’s birthday on Sunday,”

“Will you send him a text or a card or something?”

“Is it?” Liam replied quickly. “No, no, no,” he confirmed briefly, trailing off.

“Oh well one day…” Zoe added awkwardly, before Liam interjected: “What, is it Sunday?”

“Yeah, it’s Sunday,” Zoe confirmed, to which Liam sarcastically replied: “Bless him. Oh well, nice one, I’ll have just done Knebworth.”

“Bless him. I might give him a shout out,” Liam continued cheekily. 

“Dedicate one of his songs to him. That’ll do his head in won’t it?”

Source: Express

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