Liam Gallagher says that Oasis ‘should be making music’ and that he still loves Noel

Liam Gallagher says that Oasis ‘should be making music’ and that he still loves Noel

Interviewed at the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Liam Gallagher said that Oasis “should be making music” and that he still loves Noel.

The Mancunian singer joined Chris Evans to discuss the release of his third solo album ‘C’mon You Know’.

For the occasion, the pair talked also about the sold out shows in Knebworth scheduled for the first weekend of June.

Liam Gallagher will come back to the famous venue after the iconic nights of 1996 with Oasis.

Reflecting on what will be different this time around, Liam affirmed:

“I definitely take it a bit more serious than I did back then, you know. I guess when you’re younger, you feel like you can you can stay up a lot more in the nights and stuff and do things- so now it’s a no-brainer.”

“You can’t be rolling into them gigs hungover man… you can’t be doing that, you’ve got to behave yourself the week before the gig because you’ll know about it if you’ve not behaved.”

He added: “It’ll be a different Knebworth, but I still think it’ll be amazing.”

The conversation then turned to his relationship with the older brother Noel:

“Me and our kid [Noel] had some mega times. Just because we split up, that was only a little bit of it…we got on 80% of the time.”

“Even in Oasis we got on, when we were in each other’s back pockets, and we had some good times. I mean, obviously with the booze and the drugs and stuff and then the egos getting involved and the money getting involved, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

During the interview Liam Gallagher shared his disappointment at Oasis not being together anymore and insists breaking up with Noel was the wrong thing to do saying:

“I love him [Noel], but he does my head in as well because we shouldn’t have split up, and we should be making music.”

“I mean, all that time wasted over just little bits…but it was plenty of back and forth. You know what I mean? So don’t be making out it was just me. There are plenty of stories I could tell you as well.”

“It’s a shame that we split up because there shouldn’t be we should be making albums together”

He added:

“A rock’n’roll band splitting up because of the little bits of crap like that? It’s pathetic, you know you split up because one of you dies or something not this ‘he said, she said’ stuff.”

Anyway Liam is definitely finding success now as a solo artist and concluded things happen for a reason.

If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Liam live, you will know his gigs are not for the faint-hearted, and he certainly makes the most of being on stage.

Speaking about that, he said:

“A lot of people go, ‘oh, he sings, and he screams and shouts and all that,’ but you’ve got the records for all the beautiful bits.”

“When you’ve got Marshall guitars behind you and a drum kit, and then you got loads of people in front of you singing- I mean, there’s only one way in. You’ve just got to get above the clouds and go for it, there’s no time to be sitting there using your diaphragm and all that nonsense, and singing like a little angel. That goes out the window, you just got to sing like a lunatic until it’s done.”

Source: Virgin Radio UK

Photo: Virgin Radio