Liam Gallagher hits out at Alex Turner’s ‘American’ accent

Liam Gallagher hits out at Alex Turner’s ‘American’ accent

Liam Gallagher has hit out at Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner for adopting an “American” accent after moving to Los Angeles.

Liam was speaking to Radio 1’s Greg James when he spoke of maintaining his iconic Mancunian drawl and criticised Turner for picking up a Transatlantic twang after he moved stateside in 2012.

“The singing’s alright for me, you know what I mean? It’s when they do an interview and that later on down the line and they’ve been to America once and they come back.” Said Liam

“They start speaking American. You know what I mean? They’re the ones. Like the geezer from the Arctic Monkeys (Turner). He did it, didn’t he? He started getting his hair in a quiff and biker leather jackets on.”

He added: “You know what I mean? It’s like, when he goes back to his mum’s, does he really walk in with that biker leather jacket and go [American accent] ‘hey mum, can I have some tea?’

“She’s going to give him a clip isn’t she? You know what I mean.”

Turner relocated to Los Angeles after the success of ‘Suck It And See’, before undergoing an image transformation that saw him adopt a teddy boy style quiff and a penchant for leather jackets.

His apparent transatlantic drawl has also been noticed since the move, most notably during his infamous acceptance speech at the BRIT Awards in 2014 which saw him deliver a bizarre monologue on the state of rock music before dropping the microphone and leaving the stage.   

Source: NME   

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