Liam Gallagher’s opinion on Weinstein scandal

Liam Gallagher’s opinion on Weinstein scandal

Liam Gallagher spoke out in light of the notorious Harvey Weinstein scandal, where it was revealed the powerful movie producer used his position to curry sexual favours from female stars.

Although he said he had never witnessed anything untoward directly, he agreed that it is going on in the music industry too, adding: ‘You know it’s there. ‘The shady little f***s at the top. It’s not even with just men and women, it’s men and men too. All these pop bands – you hear about it with Take That but I’ve never witnessed any of it.’

But, in typically brash fashion, he did have a suggestion of how to stop women from being targeted unfairly in the industy.

‘Obviously get rid of all the s*** bags,’ he said.

‘If everyone took care of their s** – everything would be cool. We all live together under one sky at the end of the day. Everyone just needs to cool the f** out.’