Liam Gallagher is the greatest frontman of a generation

Liam Gallagher is the greatest frontman of a generation

The word ‘legend’ is banded around pretty frequently in modern society, especially within the world of music, yet no frontman is more worthy than Liam Gallagher.

For those on the outside, oblivious to LG’s genius, they may find themselves questioning what exactly it is which makes Liam adored by so many and what it is which puts him at an elite level so many other frontmen fail to reach.

I adored Oasis, I still do. I loved Beady Eye. And Liam Gallagher, well, it’s a love where the flames have needed no further fanning. So much so, I’m going to explain why William John Paul Gallagher is simply the greatest rock star we’ve ever had, without doubt the best of our generation.

Before embarking on this mission to educate the uninformed as to LG’s appeal, I tormented myself as to whether I could do him justice. Not only in terms of maintaining objectivity, but also whether I could accurately express how he and his music has made me feel for 24 years, writing something equally emotive and original.

At the age of 46 – Happy Birthday Liam! – what is it about a man, who sings while rooted to a central point on stage, draws crowds focus while also creating euphoria? Liam has always made me feel like no other person or band could ever matter as much.

Growing up in a time when friends were consumed with either Take That or East 17, when I heard my godparents playing Definitely Maybe, something inside me clicked. My ears pricked and ever since that moment, no other voice has captivated me to the same extent. I’ve searched and tried, but to no avail.

Hitting my teenage years, and listening to every word my idols said, even listening to their own influences and heroes – The Beatles, The Stone Roses – the experience never felt like a patch on Oasis and Liam’s voice.

I always loved the infamous picture of Oasis – taken by Jill Furnovsky – with the slogan behind them: ‘The best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be’.

Well, I say the same about Liam – who else has the heart, the soul, the passion, the swagger, the attitude, the style, all rolled into one electrifying human being, which Liam so effortlessly possesses and portrays?

It doesn’t exist.

We can’t always explain our feelings – there’s no rational explanation for emotions – but Liam and his voice have had a hold over me and an army of others for the majority of our lives. The same way I, and thousands like me, affiliate with a football club, I feel an uncompromising allegiance to Liam.

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