Noel Gallagher reveals plans for his next album

Noel Gallagher reveals plans for his next album

Noel Gallagher has revealed that he plans to kick off 2019 by heading into the studio to start work on his next album.

The former Oasis turned High Flying Birds man only released his Mercury-nominated album ‘Who Built The Moon?’ last year.

“I’m due in the studio in January with [producer] David [Holmes] to make another record,” he told The Daily Star.

Quizzed again on the likelihood of reuniting with his brother Liam, Noel replied: “There’s more chance of Oasis reforming than me winning [a Mercury prize].”

Earlier this year, Noel teased that he may in fact have two albums’ worth of new material due for release.

“I’ve got a whole backlog of songs, I write all the time so I’ve got plenty of material,” he said. “I’m going to make another record with David in this way but the last one took four years so I’ll probably have to make another one alongside it in the more traditional sense.

Speaking to NME, he suggested that some of his new material sounded like ‘The Police meets The Cure‘.

“I don’t have a guitar in my house for the first time since I was 13, so I’ve been writing songs on the bass. It’s unbelievable. It takes all the emotion out of it and you get more of a groove but I’m loving it so that’s what I’m doing at the moment. So everything I’m writing at the minute sounds like The Police, The Cure or if The Police and The Cure were in a band together.”

Asked about his dream collaboration, Gallagher said: “I have to say, it would be Neil Young and Crazy Horse. If I could write a song and record it with them, it would be fucking unbelievable. I’d like to work with Morrissey as well because he’s a big part of my teenage years. I’d like to write a song with Shaun Ryder as well, that would be great.”

Noel also recently revealed that he stumbled across what was thought to be a long-lost solo album in a sock drawer.

Following his departure from Oasis, Gallagher worked on a ‘space rock’ album with production duo Amorphous Androgynous – before claiming that he had destroyed the master.

After finding the master, he’s now said it it “might be fun to revisit” some of the material written during the sessions.

Source NME