Liam Gallagher: “Noel’s album will be great”

Liam Gallagher: “Noel’s album will be great”

Liam Gallagher thinks his brother Noel’s album will be ”great”. 

The 45-year-old musician is known for his long running feud with his brother and former Oasis band mate Noel Gallagher, and although he has taken to Twitter to slam Noel’s upcoming third High Flying Birds LP ‘Who Built The Moon?’ as ”beige”, he has now admitted he thinks the record will be a success.

He said: ”He’s gotta do his thing, I’ve gotta do my thing. He’s got an album coming out – I’m sure it’s gonna be great. Noel’s a good songwriter and I’ve said a million times before, I’m not really having a pop at him, I’m just letting him know I’m here. I’ve helped him and all his f***ing cronies get to where they were, as much as he helped me.

And despite constant rumours of an Oasis reunion, the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker insists it won’t happen, although he does miss being in a band with his 50-year-old sibling.

Speaking about the ‘Wonderwall’ musicians, Liam said: ”I would prefer to be in a band, and we should never ever have split up, but I’m certainly not yearning for it, you know what I mean? I was – I needed it four years ago, but I certainly don’t f***ing need it now. I prefer to be in a band – one that makes the same kind of racket as Oasis. I miss being in a band with my brother. But it’s not happening.”

The ‘For What Its Worth’ singer – whose debut solo album ‘As You Were’ hits shelves on Friday (06.10.17) – also insists that whilst he does feud with Noel, he ”loves” the brother he used to be in a band with, and simply thinks he’s ”changed” in recent years.

Speaking to The Independent newspaper, Liam said: ”I love my brother. The geezer I used to be in a band with – I f***ing adore him. Now he’s like guy smiley, he’s mister f***ing happy, I just look at him and I just go ‘F*** off’, that ain’t the brother I know. But the one I was in a band with, having a beer and a laugh with, without a doubt I adore him. But people do change, some for the better – some for the worse.”   Source: Contactmusic