Liam vs Noel: who’s album will come out on top?

Liam vs Noel: who’s album will come out on top?

With the announcement of Noel Gallagher’s new album “Who Built the Moon?” and Liam’s first solo record set to drop in a few days we now have a full house of imminent Gallagher releases for 2017.

But what should we expect from the two albums?

Liam Gallagher – “As You Were”

Fanfare around Liam’s new album has undoubtedly been higher than that of Noel’s. The typically brash title “As You Were” was announced back in March and preceded the release of debut single “Wall of Glass”.

The stomping track was popular and was followed by a string of live dates including a surprise appearance at the One Love Manchester benefit gig (Liam performed with Coldplay’s Chris Martin).

Further singles “Chinatown”, “For What It’s Worth” and “Greedy Soul” have been well received too, and interviews with Noisey, Radio X and NME have flooded social media with a new swathe of memorable Liam soundbites.

Never a prolific songwriter, Liam has been open about working with other writers on this album, and four tracks were produced by Adele/Beck collaborator Greg Kurstin.

The singles released so far would suggest a record close to Liam’s roots, which should be no surprise; he has never been one to make bold forays into the musical unknown, preferring to stick with the straight up rock ‘n’ roll he so cherishes.

While Beady Eye only occasionally found the mark during their short existence, signs so far indicate a consistently strong solo debut, albeit one without many surprises.
“As You Were” will be released on Friday 6th October.

Noel Gallagher – “Who Built the Moon?”

Media hype around Noel’s new record has been a little more muted, as has the man himself.
In an interview with Russell Brand on Radio X this summer Noel seemed casual in throwing out the slated November release date, but revealed little else about his third record.

However, the awaited announcement finally came, with the revelation of the album’s title and the November 24th release date.
The announcement also included a UK&Ireland and Europe Tour in 2018.

No singles have yet been released, but snippets of songs feature in the album’s official trailer.

During an interview with Absolute Radio Noel spoke of how album the producer David Holmes pushed him outside of his comfort zone, preventing him from re-using old riffs or demos during sessions in Belfast.

The trailer certainly sounds little more psychedelic than either of Noel’s previous efforts, with hints of altered vocals and the eerie-sounding echoes of a French intercom announcer.

That said, both records Noel has released since Oasis split have been of high quality, and the indications are that this one might veer far enough left to make the album fresh while retaining the staples of Noel’s well-oiled sound.

Source: UnityMedia