Liam Gallagher: ‘Noel’s songs make you sleep’

Liam Gallagher: ‘Noel’s songs make you sleep’

Excesses, raws and a lot of music. Liam the hard and pure rock star. 

The former Oasis man debuts as a solo artist: ‘My brother Noel’s records make you sleep. The end of the band is his fault.’

“I’m inspired by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I would never make a Duran Duran record.”

“There’s just my face on the cover, it’s called As You Were, I was inspired by You Are Here, a song from John Lennon’s album Mind Games and it’s like I stayed true to myself.”

“I’m fine, I am not an alien and I will start another tour in January or February. Regrets? Not about the music, without a doubt, but in the past I had too much drink and cocaine.”

“I start writing at 5 in the morning, I just sit there with my guitar, I dwell, I think it over. Then at 10 past 5 I just get up and go out. There’s always time to finish it because a song expires just when you’re dead.”

“Noel broke Oasis because he couldn’t give a shit and wanted his damn solo career, while I still loved them. Yes, there’s still competition between us. His music? It makes me sleep. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who drive because you risk falling asleep.”

“My mother tried to put our differences aside and then he got tired and started drinking whisky. How is she? Well, she was a very strict mum who sent me to mass when I was at school. And in the privacy of my house, deep down I was a good boy. Is she the same age as Keith Richards? Yes, but she’s better than him. Furthermore, he has never worked, while she had three jobs weighing on her. A good-looking woman. And actually I look like her. Noel looks like my father instead and he was not very good-looking.”

“I don’t chase success at all costs, I’m not Jesus Christ. I put a record out and hope people buy it, what can I do more?”

“If I’d been born in Milan, maybe I wouldn’t have started a band, but if I had done it, I would have probably written cheerful and carefree songs like Happy by Pharrell Williams. I’m from Manchester, instead, where you can just say ‘Fuck, it’s raining again’ and besides football it’s natural to just get into football.”

Source: Il Giornale